Obstacle in the blogging society


This post isn’t exactly about the ‘on going trends’ of today’s blogging community but it’s actually about how some things have become a stagnant part of our social media. By ‘some things’ I mean the ways people have started using social apps and have defined a certain criteria for one to grow or particularly  “be famous”

Let’s talk straight about Instagram, it is a social platform where thousands of people connect, produce content belonging to their area of interest. Now that’s what it is but then there is another aspect of how people or more specifically how bloggers use it. I don’t exactly know who defines the trends but what we all know is that we all are always ready to blindly follow them.

The purpose of writing this post is to highlight the problems some of the bloggers face due to those pre-defined trends. The initial obstacle for few of people to come forward is because fame, growth or what ever you name it, has been associated with one’s physical presence on the blog. If your face isn’t on the blog or if you don’t regularly pop into people’s news feed, showing of your self then people will seldom follow you or be interested in your content.


So yes, the problem lies there! People are more interested in your being physically present than in your content. And this is somehow obvious in Bookstgram community as well. YOUR face and Harry Potter sells!

However, this might not be something you’ve noticed, because there are exceptions indeed but if you agree or not, people have stopped looking for deep connections, they don’t read those long captions of yours to talk back or say something.They would rather like it or won’t bother about your existence unless it has something more to do with life style blogging or whatever.

So, despite all of this, there are people who have accepted my presence in the Bookstgram society without my being physically present. They respond, they talk and read, they have something to give because they know content matters more than one’s face. I am thankful for those friends to exist!

Do tell me what you think about this post and I am always open for discussions. Like please someone TALK!


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Perks of Being a Wallflower



This one was a hard to review book since I had a love-hate relationship with the story line. Basically it’s a story about an alienated fresh-man Charlie who narrates his life story through writing letters to a stranger. So, yes! It’s an epistolary novel.The thing is that readers are not aware of the person who receives his letters and he never gets a reply back from him or her.

The plot revolves around Charlies life, who is a sufferer of  mental disease due to some childhood mishap and it pictures a completely different side of a teenage boy who tries to cope up with life and people around him but ends up always alienating himself outside the picture. The novel deals with diverse characters that are part of Charlies life and also depicts the insights of their existence from the perspective of Charlie.

The novel is kind of deep and it might also just pull you off with some teenage content but the way some of the scenes about high school life, friendships and family  are portrayed it kind of hits home.  And believe me guys like Charlie are rare not because they are romanticized by the author but because they are what they are.

The side-kick characters are Sam and Patrick who are senior to Charlie but are really the only ones who kind of drag him out of his shell. The chemistry between the three of them is fervent but it tags along ups and downs till Charlie’s sophomore year. The story ends on both Patrick and Sam’s graduating from the high school and Charlies beginning of his second year.

Rating 3.5/5


Wuthering Heights


Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte is an intense love-hate story of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, an adopted child by Catherine’s father. After the death of Earnshaw, Heathcliff faces bullying and abuse at the hands of the rightful owner and the son Hindley Earnshaw. He leaves the place by making a wrong assumption that his love for Catherine is one sided and returns becoming a gentleman to take revenge for the miseries inflicted upon him. The plot of the novel is potent while depicting the fierce characters and their acute personalities. The novel definitely has the traces of Gothic fiction because the deceased find their way of coming back to haunt the living characters. The novel stays true to it’s age which was the Romantic Period since it has Gothic setting and the natural description is vivid.

My opinion on this book is that if you’re a classic lover then you must read it otherwise it depends because after all it’s a CLASSIC and novel is just too slow. The plot is chaotic and you’ll encounter so many deaths in one book which might leave you agitated. However, the writer had some skills because every tiny thing is so realistically described. You’ll get to know the every spec of the characters and they’ll sound family to you. So that’s totally on you to decide, read and make an opinion.



Book Photography


Hi guys I am finally back with some book photography tips.  I have recently started bookstagramming and I figured out my priorities first because Instagram is all about visuals.  So your main focus should be on presenting the visually appealing content. Since its about book photography so things are going to be simple over here. All you need is to go through the pointers first.

  • Choose your theme
  • Utilize what you already have
  • Know what you want and like
  • Take inspiration but never steal art
  • And obviously don’t forget to have books

YES choosing a theme is essential because it tells a lot about you. Know what you like and what you don’t. You can always go for different themes for example warm, vintage, dark, blend of dark and warm, natural or diverse. It all depends on your choice but don’t forget that not following a theme is also the same because you choose to experiment with the things you have and it can be called as a diverse theme. So all in all its acceptable if you really want it to be that way.

Secondly, the most important thing to understand is that you DON’T need to have expensive stuff to make your feed look like an aesthetic one. Utilize what you have and what you own. Its not necessary to own a DSLR or an I phone just make sure the pictures you take are taken in good lightening and are easily visible. For good effects, I would suggest you to take them in daylight and for aesthetic ones, find something from anywhere and make use of it. For instance, I use a canvas as a background for my pictures and utilize different things that compliment my book cover or my theme. Sunflowers, candles, bags, stationary, and all other could be utilized for a good photograph. In short, try to be creative, use your creative sense and HOLLA! there you go, you’ll get what you wanted.



Before I finish, just know that taking inspiration is never bad. You can always find ideas on Pinterest or from your fellow bookstagrammers but never steal art! Even if you take inspiration, I would suggest you to use your imagination as well. Put something of yours in it, find your own way and you’ll surely achieve it. tu

Lastly, just go according to your theme. If your a nature person then always accompany your book with you and if you find any suitable place just take your shot then! For those who would love to do indoor photography, you can use a bed cover as your background  or a table or even a canvas.  Just find the right place where lightening is good and then take your photo.


P.S. Don’t forget to have books and definitely show off the book covers that are aesthetically pleasing.


If you have any queries regarding bookphotography, or anything you can always hit me up on my Instagram page or email me which is provided in the contact tab.



Books and Me



Hi there! this blog post is about me and what got me into blogging. Recently I have started bookstagramming because my username says it all. Ever since I was a kid, I took books as sacred , something only special people could touch and read. I was scared to sneak around them and never made a mess on anyone’s book or a novel. I used to admire them from a distance and once in a while when I would somehow open one, I would long to finish it in a sitting but unfortunately I was too young to get it. So, that would make me put it back on the book shelf.

Eventually, I grew up and never thought the same about books but when I went to high school, my English teacher would lend me books for the weekend and would force me to read them. It was because of her that I started reading books and went for R.L Stine’s mystery stories. Life went on, and I would read books on and off, because it didn’t become my every day habit back then and I got caught up with life.  However, it was two years ago that I really fell for them. Since English was my major subject because I chose English literature for my bachelors degree. So I got caught in the books all over again but this time I stayed around them and ever since I have this subtle relationship with books and I am sitting here planning to consistently run my bookstagram and wish to even make a book cafe later if I ever get the opportunity to.

This was a kind of a summary about my journey with books and I wish to say a lot but that might get boring. Anyways do share your story or your opinion about being a bibliophile because I would love to listen up.

Apart from my bookish journey, I am a literature student who loves to pursue her little dreams while maintaining her book addict life since I have already begun it and there’s a lot more to catch up, learn, experience and exposure. I hope it all works fine for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Book review Turtles All The Way Down


About the Book

A novel written by John Green, depicting a sixteen year old teenager Aza Holmes who is surrounded in the tightening spiral of her own thoughts since she is the victim of mental illness. However she is the protagonist of the novel who is trying to solve the mystery of the fugitive billionaire for the sake of her best friend Daisy because there is a hundred thousand dollars reward at the stake. Along with her journey to find the missing billionaire, she comes across his son Davis and has a  relationship with him, which teaches her a lot about the lives of other people and ends her relationship on a good note.

My Opinion on the Book

First things first, that every book whether a hit or a miss, teaches you something and you learn a lot of things. I found this one not “A MUST READ” as it was just okayish but obviously when I read in between the lines and did my catharsis, I made a new perspective. It was not like reading the story from outside the book but it was like really living it. I got to see the world while being in Aza’s shoes and everyone else’s in the story. Aza’s and Davis’ chemistry had the traces of what you may call a subtle chemistry that respected each other’s space and did not end upon a happily ever after and it was far more realistic than fictional. So, it sums it up John Green without a doubt did some effort there and introduced us to a different picture.

The liebster award

I am so excited to write about the liebster award. A platform, where bloggers interact and help each other’s blog expand. I found it a great opportunity as a starter.

Nominated by:

Usranaeem who is a blogger on instagram. She writes a great stuff and I absolutely love her feed. I couldn’t thank her enough for nominating me for such a good platform.

The post is written in response to my nomination, where I wrote a thanksgiving paragraph and I will further nominate 5 or more bloggers.

Before that I will highlight some rules for the nominees and will answer the required questions.


• Give a shout-out to a blogger who nominated you.

• Share some random facts about yourself

• Nominate 5 or more bloggers who you feel deserve this award & who have less than 200 followers

• Answer the questions posted by the person who nominated you & ask your nominees to answer those questions posted in your post.

Facts about me:

  • First and the foremost important one is that: I am a book lover and I never get tired of them.
  • I am a dendrophile and a nature enthusiast.
  • An ambivert who likes to be around people yet can survive alone.
  • A literature student, striving had to progress.
  • Born with most weird habits since my mood changes according to the weather.
  • Not a sound sleeper, anything can wake me up at anytime.
  • How can I forget to mention that I truly adore traveling.
  • Last of all a good motivator and a counsellor. So you can hit me up anytime with any problem.

Answers to the questions:

• If there’s one thing you could change in the world what would it be?

Um, If I could do that, I’d certainly remove the race and class differences.

• who’s your inspiration?

From childhood till now I am truly inspired by Prophet Muhammad (saw). His character has a no match and it truly inspires me.

• which is your dream destination?

Oh lord! That’s a difficult one since I have so many on my travel list but yeah Greece is where I would love to go.

•What motivates you to write/blog?

The idea of inspiration that maybe through my writing I can bring positivity around the globe.

• Your favorite quote?

” sinners judging sinners for sinning differently”

• If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Flying because, I would definitely like to discover different places.

• If you could have only one meal for the rest of your life – what would it be?

Sausage sandwich

• Favourite blog?


• What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from blogging?

That don’t waste time on convincing people because they’ll do what they think is right. Just express but never impose.

• what is your biggest fear?

Encountering a ghost!

• Advice for new bloggers?

Try your best but never lose yourself in it. Always mark the difference between the lust for fame and striving to bring a good change.

That’s all from my side guys and now I would like to jot down the questions.

  • Your dream goal?
  • Your purpose for blogging?
  • What profession you would like to pursue in the future?
  • Name any of your favourite writers.
  • If you could be any character for a day, whom you would choose?
  • Name your favourite books that have changed your point of view about life?
  • That one person whom you truly adore?
  • Favourite music artist?
  • A message to the world.


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Good luck guys!