Cosmic Euphoria

Right now, so many thoughts are swimming in my head that its hard to put them down.

It’s like a hydrogen cloud in my head and the atoms of it are spinning vigorously all around and one day they will all collapse down! That will be the time when i’ll blossom and die…. Well it’s okay we all have to experience that but as for now i am just craving to get out of the cage. I want to free myself not for  long but for a while.

 There is this layer of excitement, of seeing what is beyond to this world and this naked eye. I want to fly high in the air, travel around the galaxies, swim along with the fantasies floating in my head, touch, feel the sky full of stars and live in every part of this universe just in a while.

I wish this euphoria never dies and I want it to be there because that’s what makes me live. I am doing my utmost to fulfill my dreams because i don’t want to die as an ordinary being. There is this need to know my purpose of being here in this world. many other souls and spirits could have born instead of me but why me? why do i exist? Just to live this ordinary life? To make money and die? Or die even before making money 😂

Anyways, before reaching your goal one has to face many things in life and while experiencing them we realize that our Creator has beautifully consolidated beauty in the midst of ugliness.That’s why we experience good and bad things but remember without evil there is no role of goodness because every time you need challenges to face which make you struggle for or to strive for something new and that is the fun part of life.

Now to define life, the word apparition can be applied because that is the presence and absence of something at the same time. For example,  this world will end one day and there will be nothing for eternity in it. Whereas in eternity there will be no end! To sum up, you live for ever. Even when you die, your spirit lives. It’s just the clay that fades away not the soul. Well it’s such a massive  issue to discuss. Many people came and they went away giving their own opinions and reviews on what life is but for some people life is summoned only in that ONE desire, of knowing their “CREATOR” and that is  their purpose of living.


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