For the sufferers of terrorism

​Yet another day is  gone, nothing changed for them, but it did for me. I have a routine to follow over this weekend, alot more stuff to do and may be i’d experience something good but what about them? 

Them? Yes them! The people of Aleppo, people of Syria, humans, living and breathing souls. Who are experiencing genocides, bomb attacks and war with enemies, war with their minds and with their hearts.

Seeing their siblings, their parents and relatives dead! Most of all seeing HUMANS being killed being dragged on roads and being slaughtered! Isn’t that a war with your self? Because YOU can’t do anything,YOU are helpless and YOU are calling US for help. What,we? Oh sorry, we can’t, because WE have a life to live here. (Kyu k rehna tou ham nay isi dunya mein hai so yehi hai hamaray liye sab kuch) and we  are hardly bothered by such attacks!

See another 2 years are gone. What happened to Gaza is also forgotten by our government and may be by our people aswell. We are strong in our own ways, we can get over things so soon and in the end we give one bayan and forget!

Has any one ever thought about their perspective? The whole map of their lives has been changed. Now every day and every night they wait for their death to come because they no longer can bear all this, they no longer can see humans killing humans for no reason or for every reason of being a MUSLIM.What about US? why are we here? I don’t get this. I seriously don’t get any of this. I know our country it self is on war with many things we also experience terrorism, but when do we stand for this by our own selves? Why do we wait for army to take action, to officials to provide protection? Why? Can’t we just do it on our own? Aren’t we muslims? And above all aren’t we humans? 

We have a free will for anything, so why not stand against our enemies right now?? What are we really waiting for?? We are obliged to help, to stand against wrong! IT IS OUR responsibility to help our fellow muslims and most of all, IT IS OUR job to protect ourselves. Nobody else is going to do that for us…….

However, i feel, i feel happy for all those, showing their concerns out there on social medias. YOU ARE DOING GOOD. Keep doing it, atleast there are some among us who think, who ponder, who feel, and who want to bring the CHANGE, the real CHANGE.

2 thoughts on “For the sufferers of terrorism”

  1. It breaks my heart to see all these people suffer, while we are at home enjoying the luxuries of life. We have become almost accepting to these tragedies. It is a sad state of affairs. It is quite commendable that you wrote on this sensitive topic. Even if one person feels their pain and shares their grief, it means that the world is still a little bit human…

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