Just a feeling I got

I just keep wondering that why the poetic expression misses in me?  Why the overflow of the emotions isn’t that deep. 
All these why’s are swimming in my head right now….
I have become so dull and dead. My inner self is fadding slowly and leisurely.

I wonder, where did my passion for achieving goals go? Where is the enthusiastic me? 
Is it that, I want some one to take it out from me or i just want me and only me?  

Is it the time for my downs in life?

 Oh may be I am learning from this down fall because only then can i get up and fly..

5 thoughts on “Just a feeling I got”

  1. I often think the same, I can relate to what you’re saying. I think everyone needs a bit of motivation in their life. A compliment from a caring friend or a word of advice from a loving parent can do wonders in boosting a person’s morale! One should never get discouraged even in the face of the worst possible situation.

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