A memory I still adore


A sky has so many stories to tell. You just need to listen and stare. 

This picture reminds me of a day back in 2014  I was star gazing with my friends for 2 hours. It was a 

Summer night, bright and cool. The air was blowing silently. I felt the tranquility in it and the vibes of love it had!
Oh! What a memory.
But what I saw, while gazing at the sky, was incredible. I couldn’t believe that I would see so many shooting stars at once. Some in pink and some in blue. They lightened the sky by their death and it was a breath taking moment.

Little did my friends believe me, but  when they saw it themselves, they fell in love with the sky! 

So,there began an another story tale…. We kept loving the sky and it kept us showing, its wonders πŸ’₯πŸ’•

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