Away from vanity.

Lately, I have been thinking about how easily we become negative about negative people. Oh well  what else could you expect, right?

Anyways lets change places this time and be positive about any negativity. You must be thinking why? Or no, every time it can’t be like that.. oh okay I understand. Even for me it had not been that easy.

I still remember that how many times I have judged people for what they were being and now I feel deeply sorry…because that only made me upset- that only gave more space to hatred, self love and pride.

This time it isn’t going to be my way or your way. lets move away from vanity, lets not indulge it and be optimistic about things.

Wonder why we need to do that? because the very filth is growing inside us. We are providing it a shadow and we are letting it destroy us and our good vibes.

You  and I, need to understand that; its our judgement or negativity being imposed on others. It is our mental level to which we drop. So who’s the culprit? you or them?

However, this inner filth needs cleansing and that could be done my developing compassion. Because that is the only thing  lacking in us right now or right then.

Prior to it, little did I know that how important this one more element is,in our lives,”LOVE”. Well  just a four letters word, but it can move mountains.

Try  adopting it:loving  humans, show lenience and see the result by your self.

To sum up I would like to add a quote from the book 40 rules love 🙂 I hope it summarizes what I have tried explaining..


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