Wash the labels

Yes, indeed! There is a need to wash the labels set by you and the society. 

Ever wondered how many times we have criticised our selves for not being perfect? 

Like if perfection is the ultimate destination…. 

No mr/mrs or miss. JUST NO.

You can easily reach a level of approximation but dear ones never strive for perfection.

Wash these filthy labels from your selves. Stop calling your self too fat or too clumpsy. 

Every one has their own ways. You might just look perfect in the way you are created. Try to accept it and live with it. 

Lessen your worries and adapt self love. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you stop looking for ways of pampering your self. 

Dress well, look good , set a balanced diet and a healthy routine but – stop hating your body. It has to be with you until the end. You live with it so, try to adore it and you will find your self even more  attractive when you are totally satisfied from inside. šŸ˜

Despite this I’ll relate something about me aswell. I have always been one of those who complain too much about everything. I never liked my self as much as I should have. But now, I have moved on! 

I like my self, the way I am and I love to do experiments on my face to make it glow šŸ˜‚ lol. 

Yes ofcourse I do, because accepting the way I am doesn’t restrict me  for having tried those facial experiments šŸ˜‚ as much as I adore myself, I also adore looking good and I struggle alot for putting that winged liner šŸ˜.

 Besides, I have stopped calling my self ugly or a weirdo. I know how much I am blessed with and how to move on with whats given to me. Alhamdulilah!

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