A memory of a girl

I feel lifeless when I remember that incident from my past events. 

It was a rainy evening I was sitting on the couch with my chin over my hands watching rain droplets fall accross the window. That is when I suddenly saw a girl down there on the street hiding her self from rain under a tree. 

I instantly went downstairs and called her to come inside for a while. We stood in the garage and got talking about what she was doing there. 

I got to know that she finances her family by selling flowers on the streets and its all because of her parents. They can’t let her stay home. So she works outside for some men in shops. She begs on streets for them and what she gets is 200 per week. 

That really left me shocked because I was just 13 at that time enjoying life at home. Eating noodles and sipping teas at eves and what SHE was doing? Supporting her family!

Was she really destined to do that? 

Was it really her life? Controlled by others? Where she had no will but to suffer at the hands of evils.

Everytime I visit bazar and see these young ones sitting on roads. I remember her- I feel sad about her and each one of them out there fighting! Fighting a bad fight against and with their beloved ones. 

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