Here I stand in the middle of no where. 

Here I stay with so many thoughts in my head.

Here I stare where in the background the light fades and I stare a stare to look no where. 

I am blank, I am lost. 

Because of the feeling that so many people out there are expecting from me. 

And here I lay with no care in my heart. 

I am relentlessly ignoring their calls, their screams , their shouts. 

Do you know why? 

Owing to the fact that I am strayed in my very own self. 

I dare not to even whisper for them to hear that I care. 

I dare not to see and to hide my face in my hands. To not to feel that there exists agony of them. 

To adrift from what is being told to me and to live a life of vanity.

Where they live a life that is being played by the demons- who are grounding them, smashing their souls and making them bleed a blood that can cost them eternity in hell… 

However, I and the satans have one thing in common. 

We have no heart. 

We live a life of satisfaction 

A world of ours where we keep doing wrong for the wrongs sake. 

And then there are people of Syria who are fighting some one else’s fight and are dying for the cause they never intended to strive

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