Sadened by the reality


I don’t feel like living in this world anymore. 

My will to strive has been devastated because those who have a voice to raise and object are persecuted to death!!!
Is that a reward which the world pays us?

The so called wise men are the ones responsible for our sufferings.
They are the DEMONS!!! I believe.
There is no difference left between a SATAN and a HUMAN.
Both are on the same levels. 

1 thought on “Sadened by the reality”

  1. You are nor from this “world”. You are on top of it and yes you are meant to rise above all the “demons”. It is very normal tha you feel that way, it is because you don’t fit in and cannot tolerate it.
    It may not seem, but you are on the right path. Stay true to yourself and your ideas, it will be so rewarding! 😉

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