There is always hope of doing better and becoming better. 

So why rant about your bad self?
Why not change it?

See there is something wrong with world these days.
And know what?
That is thinking ill of each other.
That is hoping in not changing anything.
And above all believing in every fuss that has been created around.

Now even want to know why?
Not mainly because it is what it is and this IS really happening around and this IS going to happen too!

No! Not to me.
Because, because there was no one like you and me THERE to help US!

We didn’t STOP us.
We never believed in US.
We never taught us, our good side!
We, we just never made ourselves realize about the better self we could be.

Alas! We never trapped our demons.
And never looked for something hoping. We just stood there watching it happen or stood there doing it. 

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