Gone with the river


I am sitting by the river all alone. There is no one around me and by that I mean no human being. There is tranquility prevailing but oh wait! I can hear something. Let me make you hear it too.



The blue gushing water waves are flowing in full speed and if you hear it closely, you’ll know the river is making a gulping sound. I can see the green bushes on the other side of the river, illuminating sunshine.


There lay, sparkly stones. So, I hold one in my hand and move my thumb across it’s surface. How dead it is at the moment but it gives me the feeling of life: the smooth touch of it.


I dip my hand inside the colored water, I can feel the coolness it has and when I retreat it back , the droplets fall, making the tip-tip sound into the river. Believe me, with each drop, I am falling for it too.


I just cherish the white linings at the water waves and the growling wind that is touching my cheeks and is turning them cold to make me appreciate the warmth of the sun.

For the last time, I dangle my feet into the water and make that gulping sound even louder to say my last goodbye to the river. 

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