The liebster award

I am so excited to write about the liebster award. A platform, where bloggers interact and help each other’s blog expand. I found it a great opportunity as a starter.

Nominated by:

Usranaeem who is a blogger on instagram. She writes a great stuff and I absolutely love her feed. I couldn’t thank her enough for nominating me for such a good platform.

The post is written in response to my nomination, where I wrote a thanksgiving paragraph and I will further nominate 5 or more bloggers.

Before that I will highlight some rules for the nominees and will answer the required questions.


• Give a shout-out to a blogger who nominated you.

• Share some random facts about yourself

• Nominate 5 or more bloggers who you feel deserve this award & who have less than 200 followers

• Answer the questions posted by the person who nominated you & ask your nominees to answer those questions posted in your post.

Facts about me:

  • First and the foremost important one is that: I am a book lover and I never get tired of them.
  • I am a dendrophile and a nature enthusiast.
  • An ambivert who likes to be around people yet can survive alone.
  • A literature student, striving had to progress.
  • Born with most weird habits since my mood changes according to the weather.
  • Not a sound sleeper, anything can wake me up at anytime.
  • How can I forget to mention that I truly adore traveling.
  • Last of all a good motivator and a counsellor. So you can hit me up anytime with any problem.

Answers to the questions:

• If there’s one thing you could change in the world what would it be?

Um, If I could do that, I’d certainly remove the race and class differences.

• who’s your inspiration?

From childhood till now I am truly inspired by Prophet Muhammad (saw). His character has a no match and it truly inspires me.

• which is your dream destination?

Oh lord! That’s a difficult one since I have so many on my travel list but yeah Greece is where I would love to go.

•What motivates you to write/blog?

The idea of inspiration that maybe through my writing I can bring positivity around the globe.

• Your favorite quote?

” sinners judging sinners for sinning differently”

• If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Flying because, I would definitely like to discover different places.

• If you could have only one meal for the rest of your life – what would it be?

Sausage sandwich

• Favourite blog?


• What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from blogging?

That don’t waste time on convincing people because they’ll do what they think is right. Just express but never impose.

• what is your biggest fear?

Encountering a ghost!

• Advice for new bloggers?

Try your best but never lose yourself in it. Always mark the difference between the lust for fame and striving to bring a good change.

That’s all from my side guys and now I would like to jot down the questions.

  • Your dream goal?
  • Your purpose for blogging?
  • What profession you would like to pursue in the future?
  • Name any of your favourite writers.
  • If you could be any character for a day, whom you would choose?
  • Name your favourite books that have changed your point of view about life?
  • That one person whom you truly adore?
  • Favourite music artist?
  • A message to the world.


Nominees for the liebster award are






please leave a comment on the website that who nominated you and drop your website’s URL


Good luck guys!


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