Book review Turtles All The Way Down


About the Book

A novel written by John Green, depicting a sixteen year old teenager Aza Holmes who is surrounded in the tightening spiral of her own thoughts since she is the victim of mental illness. However she is the protagonist of the novel who is trying to solve the mystery of the fugitive billionaire for the sake of her best friend Daisy because there is a hundred thousand dollars reward at the stake. Along with her journey to find the missing billionaire, she comes across his son Davis and has a  relationship with him, which teaches her a lot about the lives of other people and ends her relationship on a good note.

My Opinion on the Book

First things first, that every book whether a hit or a miss, teaches you something and you learn a lot of things. I found this one not “A MUST READ” as it was just okayish but obviously when I read in between the lines and did my catharsis, I made a new perspective. It was not like reading the story from outside the book but it was like really living it. I got to see the world while being in Aza’s shoes and everyone else’s in the story. Aza’s and Davis’ chemistry had the traces of what you may call a subtle chemistry that respected each other’s space and did not end upon a happily ever after and it was far more realistic than fictional. So, it sums it up John Green without a doubt did some effort there and introduced us to a different picture.

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