Books and Me



Hi there! this blog post is about me and what got me into blogging. Recently I have started bookstagramming because my username says it all. Ever since I was a kid, I took books as sacred , something only special people could touch and read. I was scared to sneak around them and never made a mess on anyone’s book or a novel. I used to admire them from a distance and once in a while when I would somehow open one, I would long to finish it in a sitting but unfortunately I was too young to get it. So, that would make me put it back on the book shelf.

Eventually, I grew up and never thought the same about books but when I went to high school, my English teacher would lend me books for the weekend and would force me to read them. It was because of her that I started reading books and went for R.L Stine’s mystery stories. Life went on, and I would read books on and off, because it didn’t become my every day habit back then and I got caught up with life.  However, it was two years ago that I really fell for them. Since English was my major subject because I chose English literature for my bachelors degree. So I got caught in the books all over again but this time I stayed around them and ever since I have this subtle relationship with books and I am sitting here planning to consistently run my bookstagram and wish to even make a book cafe later if I ever get the opportunity to.

This was a kind of a summary about my journey with books and I wish to say a lot but that might get boring. Anyways do share your story or your opinion about being a bibliophile because I would love to listen up.

Apart from my bookish journey, I am a literature student who loves to pursue her little dreams while maintaining her book addict life since I have already begun it and there’s a lot more to catch up, learn, experience and exposure. I hope it all works fine for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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