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Hi guys I am finally back with some book photography tips.  I have recently started bookstagramming and I figured out my priorities first because Instagram is all about visuals.  So your main focus should be on presenting the visually appealing content. Since its about book photography so things are going to be simple over here. All you need is to go through the pointers first.

  • Choose your theme
  • Utilize what you already have
  • Know what you want and like
  • Take inspiration but never steal art
  • And obviously don’t forget to have books

YES choosing a theme is essential because it tells a lot about you. Know what you like and what you don’t. You can always go for different themes for example warm, vintage, dark, blend of dark and warm, natural or diverse. It all depends on your choice but don’t forget that not following a theme is also the same because you choose to experiment with the things you have and it can be called as a diverse theme. So all in all its acceptable if you really want it to be that way.

Secondly, the most important thing to understand is that you DON’T need to have expensive stuff to make your feed look like an aesthetic one. Utilize what you have and what you own. Its not necessary to own a DSLR or an I phone just make sure the pictures you take are taken in good lightening and are easily visible. For good effects, I would suggest you to take them in daylight and for aesthetic ones, find something from anywhere and make use of it. For instance, I use a canvas as a background for my pictures and utilize different things that compliment my book cover or my theme. Sunflowers, candles, bags, stationary, and all other could be utilized for a good photograph. In short, try to be creative, use your creative sense and HOLLA! there you go, you’ll get what you wanted.



Before I finish, just know that taking inspiration is never bad. You can always find ideas on Pinterest or from your fellow bookstagrammers but never steal art! Even if you take inspiration, I would suggest you to use your imagination as well. Put something of yours in it, find your own way and you’ll surely achieve it. tu

Lastly, just go according to your theme. If your a nature person then always accompany your book with you and if you find any suitable place just take your shot then! For those who would love to do indoor photography, you can use a bed cover as your background  or a table or even a canvas.  Just find the right place where lightening is good and then take your photo.


P.S. Don’t forget to have books and definitely show off the book covers that are aesthetically pleasing.


If you have any queries regarding bookphotography, or anything you can always hit me up on my Instagram page or email me which is provided in the contact tab.



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