Wuthering Heights


Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte is an intense love-hate story of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, an adopted child by Catherine’s father. After the death of Earnshaw, Heathcliff faces bullying and abuse at the hands of the rightful owner and the son Hindley Earnshaw. He leaves the place by making a wrong assumption that his love for Catherine is one sided and returns becoming a gentleman to take revenge for the miseries inflicted upon him. The plot of the novel is potent while depicting the fierce characters and their acute personalities. The novel definitely has the traces of Gothic fiction because the deceased find their way of coming back to haunt the living characters. The novel stays true to it’s age which was the Romantic Period since it has Gothic setting and the natural description is vivid.

My opinion on this book is that if you’re a classic lover then you must read it otherwise it depends because after all it’s a CLASSIC and novel is just too slow. The plot is chaotic and you’ll encounter so many deaths in one book which might leave you agitated. However, the writer had some skills because every tiny thing is so realistically described. You’ll get to know the every spec of the characters and they’ll sound family to you. So that’s totally on you to decide, read and make an opinion.



2 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights”

  1. I’ve read and reread this book so many times I’ve lost count. I find it beautiful and completely entrancing. Dying from a broken heart, i mean that bit isn’t great, but other than that amazing. I’m glad you like it to.

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