Perks of Being a Wallflower



This one was a hard to review book since I had a love-hate relationship with the story line. Basically it’s a story about an alienated fresh-man Charlie who narrates his life story through writing letters to a stranger. So, yes! It’s an epistolary novel.The thing is that readers are not aware of the person who receives his letters and he never gets a reply back from him or her.

The plot revolves around Charlies life, who is a sufferer of  mental disease due to some childhood mishap and it pictures a completely different side of a teenage boy who tries to cope up with life and people around him but ends up always alienating himself outside the picture. The novel deals with diverse characters that are part of Charlies life and also depicts the insights of their existence from the perspective of Charlie.

The novel is kind of deep and it might also just pull you off with some teenage content but the way some of the scenes about high school life, friendships and family  are portrayed it kind of hits home.  And believe me guys like Charlie are rare not because they are romanticized by the author but because they are what they are.

The side-kick characters are Sam and Patrick who are senior to Charlie but are really the only ones who kind of drag him out of his shell. The chemistry between the three of them is fervent but it tags along ups and downs till Charlie’s sophomore year. The story ends on both Patrick and Sam’s graduating from the high school and Charlies beginning of his second year.

Rating 3.5/5


12 thoughts on “Perks of Being a Wallflower”

  1. Perks is such a unique read—it was nice to see a more balanced and somewhat critical view of the novel since it’s usually idealized as one of “the” YA novels.

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  2. I completely get where your coming from but I couldn’t relate or even begin to understand Charlie. I didn’t understand any of his motives or the reasons behind his choices. I get that might have been what the author was going for but I just found that it made it that much harder to understand the character as well as the story. But you wrote this review really well and have made me think more deeply about the story, I’ll probably end up re reading this, you know, just in case. xxx.

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    1. Yes I have been there when the story didn’t make any sense to me but then I had to view it from a different perspective. Glad you liked it 🙂 and yes sure you might give it a second read because that changes our perspective as well.

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      1. I really wouldn’t waste your time. I literally have nothing to say, and kept giving up on my diary so put it on here instead. Do your self a favour and read any other blog. Like any other blog. Literally.

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      2. It’s okay! I will read it tomorrow and yeah nothing is a waste. There’s always a reason to write and i never demean someone’s writing be it a quote or a line or even a diary. So have faith and keep going 🌸

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