Obstacle in the blogging society


This post isn’t exactly about the ‘on going trends’ of today’s blogging community but it’s actually about how some things have become a stagnant part of our social media. By ‘some things’ I mean the ways people have started using social apps and have defined a certain criteria for one to grow or particularly  “be famous”

Let’s talk straight about Instagram, it is a social platform where thousands of people connect, produce content belonging to their area of interest. Now that’s what it is but then there is another aspect of how people or more specifically how bloggers use it. I don’t exactly know who defines the trends but what we all know is that we all are always ready to blindly follow them.

The purpose of writing this post is to highlight the problems some of the bloggers face due to those pre-defined trends. The initial obstacle for few of people to come forward is because fame, growth or what ever you name it, has been associated with one’s physical presence on the blog. If your face isn’t on the blog or if you don’t regularly pop into people’s news feed, showing of your self then people will seldom follow you or be interested in your content.


So yes, the problem lies there! People are more interested in your being physically present than in your content. And this is somehow obvious in Bookstgram community as well. YOUR face and Harry Potter sells!

However, this might not be something you’ve noticed, because there are exceptions indeed but if you agree or not, people have stopped looking for deep connections, they don’t read those long captions of yours to talk back or say something.They would rather like it or won’t bother about your existence unless it has something more to do with life style blogging or whatever.

So, despite all of this, there are people who have accepted my presence in the Bookstgram society without my being physically present. They respond, they talk and read, they have something to give because they know content matters more than one’s face. I am thankful for those friends to exist!

Do tell me what you think about this post and I am always open for discussions. Like please someone TALK!


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