Beyond gender vs gender war


Aren’t you tired of gender vs gender war, already? If yes then here’s what i have to offer to contemplate upon.

Recently I watched this movie ‘on the basis of sex’, it’s reference is a good head start to make my point clear.  In today’s time we have generated gender vs gender war which no longer seems productive since it appropriates gender binaries. And we tend to forget that it’s the system that’s oppressive and not one gender against the other. We need to acknowledge that the laws are restricting for humanity in general. Men and women are both marginalized in their positions but the only difference that we witness is women suffer the double (sometimes).

We can’t deny that our systems are patriarchal because men got more representation than women and most of the laws are made by men. So this makes us believe that laws are patriarchal but without a doubt other men also suffer as a result of these man-made laws which indeed makes it a collective suffering of men and women. This makes men and women united because they both are victims of man-made world. This gives them an edge to strive together for the betterment of coming generations.

So what do we do then? We equally voice the experiences of discrimination, violence, injustice, against men just as we do against women. Because that way feminism would no longer be limited to female gender. Its ideals would have universal implications and all sects of people, gender would find shade under its umbrella. It would no longer be feminism against patriarchy but indeed a humanitarian approach against the oppressive system. Be it the laws, the society or the culture.

I AM just literally so tired of gender wars because it becomes threatening for individuals. The gender wars, disguise the real problems that need to be solved by a collective help of both the sexes. We need both women and men to run the world and that means some of us really need to stand for one another since, as being a woman, I feel the alarming consequences of sex differences. It is no doubt creating an inevitable chaos in the society which needs to be resolved and erase the gender binaries and eradicate oppression for the humanity.

1 thought on “Beyond gender vs gender war”

  1. That’s something positive. I totally agree that both the genders suffer somewhere somehow but maybe differently. And I appreciate the idea that both genders must speak for themselves and eachother as well.


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