A Man Called Ove


Over view of ” A man called Ove”
This book is a gem in its own self. You’ll find the traces of what is currently happening in todays’s world and i.e the clash of ages and cultures in the capitalist modern society.
Ove an old grumpy man as perceived in the beginning of the book, stands between the fading epoch of his times and the new emerging era. He tries hard to hold on to the old ways of lives but he fails to stop the world from falling in the trap of the risk societies.

Ove is an orphan, a child in disguise of a man in his 50’s. The world sees him as the outlander the outcast who never leaves the storeroom of his traditional ways and lifestyles. Ove remains alien to the outside world which has apparently become pretentious and false.

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Having experienced something terrible in his life, Ove wants to suicide and leave the planet of hell but every time he tries that he is left unsuccessful because in the modern world you can’t even complete anything on time. And maybe because the quality of the ropes are to poor for anyone to even suicide 😂
with the passage of time he changes himself after new people settle into his neighborhood.
The kind of attention that lacked from his life when was given to him, by these people, he melts like an ice cream top and makes a home of his own in his irritating yet loving neighbors.
This book basically critiques the time period in which advancement took over everything, even people’s lives. It condemns the oppressive system that deliberately made people its slave and let them drown in the puddle of so called modernity, financial crisis, alienation and loneliness that came at the stake of sanity and purity of human relationships.
But there is a ray of hope for people like Ove who can’t abandon their roots just in order to keep up with the pace of the world.

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