Homegoing by Ya Gyasi


The book entails stories of every grandchild leading from the two step sisters, Esi and Efifi who were separated even before they knew that one of them existed and it finishes when both their grandchildren are united in Birmingham some decades ago. .

It’s an Absolutely terrific novel that traces the history and origin of African colonization till the days of abolition of slavery.

Homegoing isn’t just a story or a narrative, it’s the whole of Africa depicted by the diverse characters and their lives.

The British invasion in the continent and African tribal wars have been blamed to scar its people with horrific past and violence.

The repercussions of slavery are traced throughout the generations of the two step sisters, Esi and Effia.

The buried histories of their ancestors re-emerge in the form of hysteria and trauma in the present of their grand children marking the terrors they had to go through.
It’s saddening how the characters were the victims of incompleteness even after they were long settled in the cities of 1st world countries.

No matter what, they face a loss of identity because some of them couldn’t even trace back to their origins as the maps of their lives were re-drawn and changed entirely.
I wish i could do more justice to the review but it will never be enough.

It’s a highly recommended novel for you to read and accept that how colonisation was and is a genocide of millions of people.
And it will never be enough to call out the aftermath of unprecedented invasions of Africa.

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