Book review: Dulcinea and The Death Code



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Enthralling and fascinating, this novel makes the reader transcend their mundane life to a place of higher reality. After all, we all want to escape the present and move towards some adventure promising future.

Victoria Ray beautifully pen downs a story of a girl Dulcinea who has born with superpowers but doesn’t realise about them until she moves to Sweden and starts her life with other “gifted” children. With her new identity revealed as a death code and an entity sent from other dimension, she experiences existential dilemma like any other human of a modern society.

Dulcinea embarks on a journey towards the relative truth of her existence, along with a couple of her friends to find the answers of her identity. Unfortunately something dreadful happens and she gets lost for a long time in another dimension.
No one knows where she’s gone and when she shall return until one day a girl lost for 2 years appears as her in another country.

To find out her origin and the mystery of her very ambiguous existence, Ray is finally going to reveal it to the readers by next summer.

Concept of the story

It’s a fantasy and a science fiction novel full of “Stranger Things” vibes. As Dulcinea’s father is a chemist and works at Biofuture foundation.

The novel depicts the foundation as a place for special gifted children who are schooled to tame their powers.
Unlike the protagonist who predicts death, the book has diverse characters with diverse talents. The story encapsulates a world of teenage superheroes who try their best to resolve the mystery of the unknown world “A-ria” and Dulcinea’s existence.

The writing style is quite unconventional because the narrative moves back and forth in time, for the readers to delve in completely inside the fantasy world.

Without a doubt this novel reminded me of Brave New World’s futuristic society, full of scientific revolution to undo the secrets of the universe.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it because it made me think that what if, this life is a construct? And everything we see or do is a lie? And that i belong from another dimension and this humanistic society is just another phase of a video game.

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