Book Club of functioning Readers

cropped-2020-04-16-14.04.43.jpgBook Club of functioning Readers

A book club for dysfunctional readers who find solace in books.”

What are we about?

This book club is run by three members who have their own specialty in bringing diversity to this platform.

The leading members are




We are Pakistani bookstagrammers, but our platform is open to all races, people of color and different ethnicity. It’s run without any racial biasness and in the hope of bringing people together on a linear scale.

What do we offer to you?

It’s all in one platform which brings reading and writing together.

We offer you book discussions on book of the month, or by targeting any specific genre, poetry of the week, and writing completion.

Also, it’s for both Urdu and English readers which allows more inclusion to the house.

What we will offer in the future?

Active member/readers will get book club’s personalized goodies: logo, bookmarks and they even get to have blind dates with books. This will overall add colors to your dedication and our hard work to bring the best for you guys.

If you’re willing to follow our league feel free to join us at @bookcluboffunctioningreaders



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